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real-estate-agents-1537463_640Yes, you can actually buy a property without a real estate agent. Nevertheless, if you’re trying to purchase a home on your own, try to brace yourself for all the necessary researching, double-checking of the documents, and the needed diligence on your part to go about in the process of buying a home without an agent. 1) First of all, look for a mortgage lender and have a pre-approval for a mortgage. So that you have a clear grasp of which homes are within your financial range based also on how much financing would be available for you. This is the essence of a pre-approval letter from your lender prior to start your house search. 2) Prepare your list about your preferences and deal-breakers when it comes to your preferred home. Factors to be considered are: neighborhood, the amenities, age of home, accessibility to work, school, shopping (and other places you frequent), lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 3) After knowing your requirements, time to start your self-sufficient quest for your home. Sans a realtor, use a notebook in order to list all the houses you’re interested in. Be diligent enough to find out your home area’s statistics, such as crime rates, the quality of air, traffic patterns and noise levels. 4) If you already have that 2-3 homes which almost hit your criteria, it’s time now to schedule a showing with the seller. You may actually request this via their realtor or even directly with the seller. Then, attend some open houses which would be held in any of the neighborhoods you’re eyeing. new-home-1682331_640Take note, though that though it’s very possible to purchase homes independently, it still involves a complicated process–plus a lot of patience. And instead of the real estate agent, you will be the one to negotiate the price with the seller. But you may want to hire a real estate attorney in order to review the purchase contract before executing it. And remember that it’s not true that the buyer will always have to pay their agent commission on the sale. No, the sale commission is actually paid by the seller, and not the buyer. Got it? Now, go and think about if you should buy that house on your own or hire a real estate agent. With or without real estate agents, Tahoe Arizona Real Estate and Homes for sale in Gilbert are very much worth your every cent.