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About Tahoe Real Estate

Tahoe is a great place to live and offers quality neighborhoods, friendly people, and an overall great urban experience. Tahoe Location in Tahoe Tahoe is one of the highest valued areas in the greater metro area of Phoenix. Homes here exceed the quality of homes almost anywhere else, and the quality of living is also much higher. Tahoe is a very affluent Phoenix area to live in. So if you are thinking about real estate in Tahoe Arizona, you are making a wise decision.There are 76 schools in Tahoe along with several colleges and specialty schools. Apollo College, Arizona State University East, and De-Vry University are located in Tahoe.
People love living in Tahoe because of its beauty, variety of housing choices and a great community atmosphere. And it’s close to Phoenix, where even more opportunities await.
Tahoe Arizona is a great area for real estate. Home prices have substantially dropped over the past three years, and real estate is quite affordable. Tahoe currently has more than 3,500 homes for sale. This includes residential properties, houses, and condos. There are also a good number of multifamily properties, duplexes, fourplexes and twin homes for sale. To get started viewing Tahoe Arizona Real Estate listings, simply click complete the MLS home search form on the right.

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Searching for a home can be exhausting so you want to talk to someone who has helped homebuyers for years to learn how to reduce the stress, find the best properties and save you time in the process.  With the use of technology, you can really narrow down the drive time and really choose only the properties you want, which are on the top of your search list.  Let us help you discover the best approach based on your situation.  Define and narrow down the cities and local you want to live.  You may choose Tahoe Reale Estate Homes, CA or  Phoenix Real Estate Homes. What ever city you choose, the amount of house you can purchase will adjust in relationship to location, square footage, amenities, etc. For example: you can get more square footage for the same price in the city of Arizona than the City of  California. You get the idea.

Our Listings

Listing : 4698753

$286,000 5505 E MCLELLAN Road 44 Tahoe, AZ 85205 Listing #: 4698753

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Tahoe, AZ 85209

$289,900 11068 E KILAREA Avenue 146 Tahoe, AZ 85209 Listing #: 4663764

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Tahoe, AZ 85207

$296,900 7445 E EAGLE CREST Drive 1087 Tahoe, AZ 85207 Listing #: 4682040

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